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IK4 Doctorados


Over 30% of the people currently belonging to IK4 have PhDs

The PhD will contribute towards your personal development and allow you to acquire expertise and skills that are key ones when tackling R&D&i projects.

Get to know what the application process in a PhD offer is like, how the selection will be made and the actual hiring.


Application, selection and signing

Submission of applications

To submit your application to any of the processes offered you must fill in the Application Form and attach the expressly requested documentation.

Each IK4 Centre will manage the application and signing process for its own offers.

Applicants may register for 1 or more processes, up to a maximum of 3, indicating their order of preference. This choice will be used to configure the applications in each selection process. In the event that a candidate is turned down for an offer that they have indicated as their first choice, they will be considered for another offer which they have expressed as their second or third choice.

Applications may be submitted in any of the following languages: Spanish, Basque or English.

Deadline for submitting applications

Applications can be submitted for each of the doctoral thesis offers proposed, provided that the offer is still open and the vacancy has not yet been filled.

Applications for IK4’s 2017 programme for the Promotion of Doctoral Talent must be submitted from 16 May and before the deadline stated in each offer.

Conditions of selection

Each Centre will be responsible for evaluating the applications it receives and will individually assess the suitability of each one in terms of the requirements specified, and on the basis of any other criteria it deems appropriate in order to guarantee the best candidate for the doctoral vacancy.

To be able to access any of the offers for undertaking a doctoral thesis, the following will be required as a minimum:

- To be a citizen with supporting documentation certifying the right to live and work in the CAPV (Autonomous Community of the Basque Country) - residency permit and National Identity Document (DNI), Foreigner’s Identification Number (NIE) or passport.
- To have a university degree with a credit value of more than 300 ECTS, or an official Master’s degree, that grant access to the doctoral programme (before the enrolment date for the doctoral programme).
-Advanced English.
- A research vocation.

The final selection of a candidate requires the applicant to meet the requirements for accessing the programme and the specific requirements of each vacancy offered.

The IK4 Centre offering the vacancy can leave it void if it considers that none of the applicants sufficiently meet the conditions for the optimum development of the doctoral process offered.



Once the candidate has been selected, and after having obtained their timely agreement, an employment contract will be signed under the conditions described in the section on employment situation during the doctoral process.

Incorporation will occur as the selection processes are individually closed in each Centre.


With number 1 as the first option, 2 as the second and 3 as the last option.

Remember, only click "Send" once you have configured your options correctly. Click on the "Save" button to add more options, or to change their position.