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IK4 Doctorados


Employment contract throughout the PhD process

The PhD process you can opt for is linked to an employment contract with the IK4 Centre making the offer.
Here you can find the details and commitments that will characterise this employment relationship.

You will be assigned a thesis co-supervisor or tutor at the Centre who will help you ensure that the necessary scientific level is attained, and you will have available training resources and equipment at the highest technological level.


IK4’s Promotion of Doctoral Talent programme

Employment status during the doctoral process

For the development of the doctoral thesis, the person selected for each offer will have a fixed-term employment contract, signed with the offering Centre, which will cover, with annual renewals, the period stipulated for obtaining the doctorate degree.


The duration of the doctoral process is 3 years, at the end of which the doctorate degree must be obtained. This period can be extended up to a maximum of 1 additional year if the Centre considers that there are sufficient reasons to justify this extension.


The total gross payment for the 3-year period will be €52,500, which will be paid on a monthly basis each year. This amount is the minimum fixed salary.

Each IK4 Centre may make an additional payment to the minimum established, in accordance with their internal consistency criteria, or any other criteria they deem appropriate.

Enrolment in a doctoral programme

To carry out the doctorate process, it is mandatory to enrol in a Doctoral Program at the university concerned. Enrolment is carried out on the dates established by the university and obligatorily at the beginning or during the first year of the contract.

Investment by the IK4 Centres in the doctoral process

To ensure the proper development of the doctoral process, the IK4 Centre to which the doctoral student has been appointed, in addition to the salary agreed the Centres will also assume the following costs of the doctorate:

  • Enrolment and tuition fees and any other fees derived from the Doctoral Programme of the university where the thesis will be undertaken.
  • Accommodation costs and provision of appropriate information technology and furniture for the work to be carried out.
  • The cost of various materials, if any, that may be necessary during the experimentation phase of the thesis, as well as the use of scientific and special equipment.
  • Attendance at any training course that the Centre considers relevant.
  • Other potential general costs associated with the doctoral process.

Incorporation date

In this first edition it is expected that incorporations will be made in September/October 2017 (enrolment in the doctoral programme of the academic year 2017-2018).

Framework of general commitments in IK4’s Promotion of Doctoral Talent programme

Legal framework

This Promotion of Doctoral Talent programme offered by IK4 is governed by labour legislation for fixed-term contracts. In addition, it is subject to the statutes, agreements and general internal rules applicable in the IK4 Centres. In view of this and the best practices of each Centre, specific clauses may be established in order to provide for the particularities that the global nature of the programme cannot universalise for all the organisations of the IK4 Research Alliance.

Commitment to obtaining the doctorate degree

Participation in this programme requires a commitment to complete the same by obtaining the doctorate degree within the periods stipulated (3 years, or exceptionally 4).

The doctoral students participating in the programme undertake not to unilaterally abandon the process before its completion.
In the event that a research doctoral student voluntarily withdraws before obtaining the doctorate, they shall pay the contracting Centre all enrolment and tuition fees and training costs (conferences, study visits, and similar) incurred by the Centre from the time of contracting to the date of voluntary withdrawal.

Excluded from possible penalty are situations of unexpected withdrawal, without voluntariness, for serious and imminent reasons that prevent the doctoral student from continuing with the process.

Rights and obligations

The persons selected to fill the doctoral vacancies will have the following rights and obligations:


  • Access to a fixed-term work contract during the doctoral process.
  • Participation in one or several projects related to the topic of the thesis and appropriate training to facilitate the same.
  • Relevant support and tutoring to ensure the scientific level required in the doctoral programme.
  • Recognition of authorship or co-authorship of intellectual property under the terms established in the corresponding regulatory legislation.
  • Availability of the means, instruments and equipment necessary for the normal development of their activity.


  • To obtain the doctorate degree in the period specified.
  • To fulfil the conditions and obligations established by this programme.
  • Not to disclose or make public or private use of any information concerning the Centre that they have in their possession during the doctoral process, including but not limited to, all the information, documentation, technical knowledge, know-how, working methods, etc. related to the same, whether confidential or protected, such as industrial or intellectual property or trade secrets, or not subject to such protection or confidentiality.
  • To respect the internal rules and operation of the Centre to which they are seconded, especially with regard to working conditions and regulations on risk prevention and health and safety.

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