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IK4 Doctorados



Research aimed at the development of people  and transfer of the most advanced technologies for companies.



Integration of New Lithium Ion Battery Systems for the Development of New Products and/or Services with High Added Value


START: 10/2016




    During recent years, especially due to the momentum of the automotive sector, lithium ion batteries they are undergoing a rapid evolution. Firstly, the price of lithium ion batteries drops by about 10% every year and, secondly, lithium ion cells have an increasingly better technical performance, providing a prolonged service life and higher energy density. This dual evolution of lithium ion batteries is creating new opportunities in the industrial sector, since their introduction allows for the development of new products and/or services or to improve current ones (based mostly on conventional lead-acid batteries), whereby increasing the competitiveness of various industrial agents.

    There is an increasing number of sectors where electrical storage is being introduced as a system differentiator. These sectors include, among others, electrical mobility applications, such as electric cars, buses, the rail sector, vertical lifts, etc., as well as stationary applications, such as the integration of renewable energy generation or distribution, among others. Due to the technological evolution of the storage systems and newly emerging opportunities, it has become necessary to develop new expertise in order to be able to respond to new market opportunities.

    The development of this knowledge is essential in order to strengthen industry competitiveness. Industry"s main objective is to ensure the reliability and competitiveness of new electrical storage products and services. There are numerous existing technologies (and various formulations for lithium-ion batteries) and it is necessary to have the tools to select those most appropriate from among these technologies for each application. These tools are very important, not only for the selection of technology, but also to determine the size of the storage systems, in other words, how much energy and power is required to be integrated into each application, so that the reliability of the product or service is guaranteed throughout its entire service life. The calculation of these values is very important for a competitive system during the final application.

    Thus, the ultimate aim of this dissertation is the development of a tool that includes a comprehensive overview of the application that allows for the selection of the most appropriate technology, as well as the energy and power to be installed, on the basis the requirements of the application, by taking into account factors such as cost, degradation or the use of the battery for the final application.

    Department or unit of the Associates Technology Center

    Energy and Power Electronics

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    Electric and electronic power systems

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    Engineers or Physicists that provide a pathway to a Doctoral Programme. Proficiency in the English language is required and knowledge in Matlab-Simulink programming is preferable. It specifically requires a person with a talent for creativity, who enjoys working in a team and who is highly proactivity.

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